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Stephanie Alexander

I’m Stephanie- owner and stylist of Fancy Hair Xtensionz! I often times am asked, "why are you a hairstylist?” Simply put; with a single conversation and a skilled touch, my ability to achieve an individual's beauty goals by providing them with personalized treatments, is one of my biggest accomplishments. My creative passion for making clients look and feel amazing is one of my strongest suits.  Aside from my passion for this business, I have 10 years + experience as a dedicated & educated stylist! I love the combination of arts and sciences, and I am always eager to further educate myself. I take pride in getting to know all of my clients, including hair preferences and goals that are unique to them all. I can't wait to meet you and have you sit in my chair at Fancy Hair Xtensionz: Where Service is Private, Personal & Professional!
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Aside from owning her own business, Stephanie exemplifies what it means to be a true leader in her community by offering courses to share her knowledge and expertise to up and coming cosmetologists, as well as younger aspiring cosmetologists. These courses include exclusive, hands on training, look and learns, and one-on-one time with Stephanie. Interested in a course? Visit the courses page for more info!
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